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Euless J High School8

Euless, TX | Tarrant County


October 19, 2014

It was like a prison. Detention for any little thing.it was terrible. Dont send ur kids here

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September 1, 2014

What I dislike most about this school is that they do not issue books to the students! I am also concerned that I am still buying glue sticks, construction paper and markers for my 8th grade student. Many teachers do not use their website for posting homework or study guides, and most are not updated from one year to the next. Finally, homework is not regularly given due to the fact that it must be issued on worksheets.

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June 19, 2014

Its a great school but I had one problem. The PE Class was a huge problem for me. First off they we spend like 10 minuites changing in the locker rooms. After we're done changing we sit down for maybe another 10 minuites while the PE teachers talk!!! And then we stretch for maybe 5 minuites. We waste 25 minuites doing nothing and only have like 20 minuites left of class! They spend more time focusing on who's in dress code than anything. Also on thursdays have a day called "physical fitness day" where all we do is walk! If its a sunny day we talk around the track but if its a cold day we walk around the gym! If its a fintess day shouldnt we really be doing somthing thats active instead ?

January 21, 2014

As a former student of Euless Junior High, It's sad to say, but this school has little respect to none when it comes to the student's academic achievement. The school rather places more emphasis on setting up the students for failure by assigning them to ISS and detention for minor insignificant acts such as glancing at the cell phone to check the time during lunch time and arriving early before the class was to start. My first ISS (all day, one room, during school hours!!), I quickly learned not to even dare to confirm if I was in the right room; otherwise, I would have been given additional ISS time. I felt as if I was in a state juvenile detention center and was treated like a criminal, mind you I was in 7th grade. Teachers must remember that their purpose is to instill the love of learning for the future generations and not let their overzealous control over power that of a student who may just need someone on their team.

July 30, 2013

I have read the reviews on this school and I am in shock..my daughter came to this school last year and had an amazing experience. She loved the teachers and the staff. They went above and beyond for her. If your child is having discipline issues it is probably their fault. My daughter never got in trouble never got sent to the office as others stated happens all the time. If you do your work respect the teachers and your fellow students you will be fine. The band teachers are great too the went above and beyond for my daughter. The only issue my daughter had was other students disrespecting the teachers. Parents should teach their children better!!!! RESPECT yourself and others!!!

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May 6, 2013

My school is Euless Jr High - Im a student that goes here to Euless and it is the worst school to put your children in. Teachers here send kids down to the office for the silliest reasons for example I have been sent down have been sent down to the office for throwing away trash and I also got ISS for the day because of that. The assistant principle also doesn't listen to what the students have to say and always thinks what the teachers say is "right". They have no concern of the students feelings nor do they care instead they tear us down with there hatred and discouraging words. They do not build us up on encouragement just tear us down with discouragement. This has been the WORST 7th grade experience ever!

July 27, 2012

My daughter finished 7th grade in May at EJH after moving here from another district. She loves EJH. I don't know if it was going from elementary to junior high or the school but she blossomed this year. She loves track, soccer and band. I think 8th grade is going to be even better because she won't have to spend the first few weeks getting aquainted with new friends. She's already counting the days for school to start.

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April 4, 2012

Thiss school has the worst front office staff anywhere. I have 3 kids that are all in school ( only 1 went here ). this staff is extreamly rude & seems to have little reguard for the children & helping them learn when they are having problems understanding. They seem more concerned with putting them into ISS or Sat school than they do @ helping to fix the problem. I finally moved my daughter out of there & now she is excelling much better @ Harwood Jr. High.

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December 12, 2011

I have 3 children who have attended this school, I have heard from them and many of their friends that the staff at this school seems to care very little for their welfare or their feelings. Many children are subjected to bullies here, that steal from them and destroy their personal property. The attitude I have gotten in the past from staff on serious issues is "kids will be kids", or "I didn't see that happening" - yet their eagle-eyed spotters can see a headphone cord hanging out of a backpack from 4 rooms away and use "policy" as an excuse to humiliate the child and confiscate their property, making them feel as though they are being bullied by the very people who refuse to protect them from more serious crimes. This school has always, and continues to engage in practices that are pathetic examples of both neglect and abuse of authority. No wonder so many parents in this area have so much difficulty teaching their children right from wrong, when the school is teaching them that its OK to steal, bully and vandalize - as long as you didnt bring your nintendo ds to school. (Piorities people, priorites)

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November 2, 2011

I am a teacher and parent in HEBISD. Euless JH is a great school. Sure the school has their problems, what school does not. What Euless does that other schools don't makes them exceptional. The school teaches that the students should be and are responsible for their homework, test, behavior, etc. This is how it is in the real world. Most schools do not have Dhall anymore. The EJH administration does a great job in making sure that the students serve their Dhall and are responsible for their actions. Look and the state scores and it will tell you that the teachers and principals are not their just to get a paycheck. Kuddos to EJH!

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July 22, 2011

This school is the worst school I had ever seen i had been to many schools before and this one is the worst i have seen, you get detention for no reason just b/c the teacher feel like it and you only use the restroom only 2 times every six weeks and if u used it more then that you get a detention, teachers only worry about their paycheck and don't care about students, every day there is a list of about 70+ students for detention and you don't serve it you get a saterday school, so worst school and I think this place should be shut down as soon as possible.

June 4, 2011

This school is pretty boring. Most of the teachers don't even bother helping you when you need it. The food is usually not that great. Overall this school is not that great. Band and choir are really fun though, and a lot of the teachers are really nice, just lazy though. The noise from the highway can be pretty distracting though. I've been to worse schools in my day.

April 13, 2011

I have to say I chose this school district based on the ratings on this website. Elementary schools are great but this Jr High is the worst school. Detention is such a joke. Surely there are kids that need to be there on occasion but every other day?? Some teachers return calls or respond to emails. Most ignore you, if they are ignoring a concerned parent what exactly are you doing with our children. I can only venture to guess here that they are ignored as well. Teachers see what they want to see and ignore assaults!!!! Because it's a student they really don't care for...The state should shut this place down!!

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April 9, 2011

i am actually a student at euless junior high and the school is terrible. kids bully me constantly, and the teachers do absolutely nothing about it. They in fact are concerned with their paychecks. They only allow students to use the restrooms in class twice every six weeks! they tell you to go between passing periods, but there is never enough tine because there are like 3 minutes in between periods. As a student at ejh i have observed from a point of view on a daily basis. and the school is not a choice to make if you have one.

December 3, 2010

I believe that most of the teachers are not concern with teaching the kids, but always looking for away to put down the students. They have no concern about the safety of the children, many of the employees at EJH are just there to receive a paycheck as often as they can. I believe that this school needs to be closed down because it serve no real purpose in life for a great success for the students. The HEB School Board doesn't even care about the kids. What happen to educational professionals teaching, and caring for the well-being of all students.

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