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Tanglewood Elementary School10

Fort Worth, TX | Tarrant County


August 13, 2014

A sad truth that this school has no middle ground. Each child is labeled "winner or loser" depending on a single standardized test score. The focus on control and rigid scheduling has no opportunity for children to use their curiosity and imaginations for self discovery, which is the authentic way children learn. No opportunities for social and emotional connections of project based learning, since everything is teacher directed and the children work in isolation. The size and structure of this school is much too large, and causes children to be managed with rigid punitive methods and boring inflexible curriculum, rather than providing an environment of relaxed and inspirational learning that motivates children to love learning, and causes them to develop healthy self esteem. My overall perception of this school after two years is that it is more like a business than a school, where children survive by learning to cope with ongoing stress from fear of disappointing teachers and parents, rather than thriving and growing socially and emotionally. Adaptability, the best prediction of future success and learned via social and emotional development, is neglected in this school.

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April 13, 2014

The curriculum maintains high standards but is dated, and there is WAY too much emphasis on testing. The social dynamics (particularly among the parents) are terrible. A group of insiders run the PTA, which emphasizes fundraising and excludes newcomers and minorities. In a city of great diversity, parents fight to maintain this school's exclusivity. Redistricting may be the only way to change things for the better.

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August 8, 2013

Very very very disturbing experience there. We got swept outta there like Showtime at the Apollo!

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July 6, 2013

TES claims that all our students are Gifted & Talented. However, research shows that students who are intellectually gifted need more emphasis on social and emotional needs since that is their area of deficit. TES is doing the opposite by providing dumbing down drill and kill performance based learning jn a rigid and oppressive environment which does not inspire students to love learning and to think for themselves. They are being taught NOT to think for independently. Instead of self directed project based learning which involves social interaction and emotional connections and relationship building, the students are being bullied by teachers into absolute compliance of what they want them to learn. My intellectually gifted son became so bored after two years that he developed ADHD in 3rd grade from being forced to sit still all day and bored to death. His behavior regressed and he lost interest in creative and imaginative activities as in the past. TES is producing Stepford like children - robots who have lost their spirit. The program at TES will prepare children for 3 things: 1. Workaholics w/ no relationships 2. Narcissists 3. Institution dependance Prison or Military

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November 6, 2012

Our child is at at Tanglewood, and he struggles with various processing disorders which can lead to him having a hard time in a school setting. While we are getting him support outside of school, the school has been very involved in helping him succeed. The counselor, which the school DOES HAVE, along with the vice principal and his teacher were more than willing to set down before the year started so we could voice our experiences and concerns. The vice principal made sure he was placed with the most appropriate teacher and so far the year has been great! He has been challenged since day one, coming home with art projects, stories of the science and computer labs, games, songs, but importantly PRIDE in being a scholar. While the realities of being a public school in Texas influence the school, hence the focus on mastering the STAAR test and strict attendance policies, Tanglewood is striving to be the very best by providing the very best. And considering the cost of a comparable education at a private school, we are more than willing to do some fund-raising for our kids. No school is perfect but we have found Tanglewood to be welcoming and supportive even to a unique child.

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August 31, 2012

The tellings of an excellent school are challenging, progressive curriculum, and tailoring instruction to the needs of the students listed as the top priority. Unfortunately, I found no trace of this in my experience with Tanglewood. There was way too much emphasis on fund raising and, contrary to what I have learned as an educator myself and am constantly being reminded by my principal, the teachers DO NOT individualize instruction based on students and how they learn best. A school's success can not be judged solely by the results of state testing. When a school's population consists completely of students who come from high socio-economic households with both parents, often highly educated, exemplary test results should be expected. It is NOT necessarily a testament to the quality of teachers at the school. I would love to see how well the teachers at Tanglewood would perform if they taught students that come from less than conventional households from the less desirable neighborhoods.

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August 29, 2012

Tanglewood remains the best elementary school in Fort Worth, public or private. As with any group of several hundred students you will find a handful of parents who are just not satisfied. Maybe they would be happier elsewhere, but I suspect they would rather complain and are just good at finding fault and laying blame. For every negative review I'm sure there are 99 parents who LOVE this school, the teachers and the staff but have not taken the time to post a review. For the parent saying there is not a counselor, I guess her office is hard to find, since it is the FIRST DOOR when you walk into the main office and is clearly marked. Public school is a place to get an education, there is not enough money to have a team of counselors to handle severe mental health issues that should be handled by a private psychologist, social worker or minister. Also, if your child is doing 2 hours of homework a night you child probably needs a tutor, we have a 5th grader and he has never had more than an hour except when rare special projects are due.

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August 28, 2012

I enrolled my son at Tanglewood spring semester, following a divorce and relocation. I was shocked - no support services in this school of 700, not one counselor. His social emotional adjustment was fragile, but the only thing his teacher was interested in was how he would score on the STAAR test. This is a large "industrial" school of 700+ where conformity is the agenda and the children's creativity and love of learning is stiffled by the drill of boring test curriculum. It is so arrogant to hang a banner out front to brag about Exemplery test status if the children are bored and miserable and their needs are not being met. And the homework is disgraceful - 8 hrs sitting all day - 2 hrs boring homework. Dismiss primary grades K-2 at 2:00 to avoid the "cattle call". Please parents, we must get organized and insist that support services are provided to all the students, that teachers are trained in social skills and mutual respect, and improve the curriculum to include Blooms Taxonomy of higher learning skills. The physical appearance of this school looks good. The performance is exemplary; however, The emotional climate is ghetto.

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February 27, 2012

Incredibly disappointed with this school. I had high hopes based on reputation, reviews, etc., but they were misleading. We dealt with social issues with my child and the teacher as well as the administration failed to do anything about it. I agree with previous posters about the PTA. But the ironic thing is that the PTA is so active w/activities & fundraising, yet they seem to have little to no voice when it comes to the most important elements about the school -- teachers, curriculum, etc. I've felt very much on the fringe w/the administration even though I volunteered. Almost as if you're welcome there if you're going to be a robot and keep your opinions to yourself; otherwise, move along. If you have the money, I would seriously consider the private schools.

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October 9, 2011

This is in response to the review posted on September 4, 2011. Why would a parent NOT be a member of the PTA. Not being a member of the PTA would be a disadvantage at ANY school. Tanglewood does not receive any Federal funds, so the PTA is integral in making sure the teachers and students have all they need to not only succeed, but excel.

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September 4, 2011

Tanglewood is a great school and seems more of a private school. The teachers are great. I have one child in Tanglewood and my other child has already moved on to middle school. Overall, it is a good school, but not being a PTA member is a huge disadvantage.

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August 28, 2011

This is in response to the May 12th and May 24th post. I agreee that no teacher should pressure a parent to medicate their child nor should we as parents not talk positive about our child's teacher. But our children are with their teachers more hours in the day and then with us. My son was miserable and I repeatedly told him that the teacher is "the boss" and as a teacher myself, I felt I needed to support her. It wasn't until he had trouble sleeping and I could hear him talking in his sleep, that I realized there was a problem. After seeing a therapist, I requested a teacher change because his anxiety and fear of doing something wrong in class was effecting him. I feel guilty for not listening to my son and acting sooner. There is no excuse for a teacher who humilates and shames a child. Tanglewood has a lot of work to do to include the child with ADD, speech concerns, dyslexic, non-caucasian and the child that doesn't fit in the box of this "all our students are gifted and talented" school. If Tanglewood is unable to accomodate for the above, they should be designated as a school for the gifted, so another child won't have to suffer and lose their love of learning.

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August 3, 2011

We are extremely happy with the school. My kindergartener really liked going to school and learning new things. He was challenged every day and was banded with other high achieving kids. Highly recommend it.

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July 18, 2011

We are parents who have experienced both the private and public side of education in Fort Worth. I would agree that they are not the same. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses. Tanglewood is as close as you can get to private without spending an arm and a leg. Yes, there is a lot of benchmarking in public education. It can be very insightful. They do not badger all children to take medication and if a parent is involved in his/her child's education as a teammate to a teacher it can be a very positive win/win for all involved. We are proud of our children and Tanglewood. The world demands a lot of children today. It is our job to provide the best education we can and to support and love them along the way.

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May 24, 2011

this school, because of its high rating perhaps, teaches almost solely to the test. They pressure kids constantly on this, to the point that my straight 'A' student has been getting test anxiety over timed tests! I do volunteer, and parent involvement is great. Great families, but curriculum is outdated/ nothing special or progressive. Classes are above state limits, classrooms are crowded, homework is out of control. Also fundraising is CONSTANTLY pushed in your face/ down your throat, but perhaps this is to be expected in this type of demographic. Overall a disappointment, as we moved in this area just to be in the district, and were expecting a really great school. Also, although I do not have a learning disabled student, I find it WRONG and lazy to design a public school that cannot accomodate these students properly.

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