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Sycamore Elementary School8

Fort Worth, TX | Tarrant County


November 15, 2013

Going into this school year, was my daughter's first ever. She didn't attend kindergarten and dove right into 1st grade. Notice I said "dove", but "belly flopped" would be more fitting. I always knew that she was a bright girl, who had a want for learning , but I also knew that she was a bit socially reluctant. Needless to say, only after a couple of days she expressed to me how lost she was, and I felt guilty for not having prepared her for what she felt was an environmental frenzy. I went to her school, and spoke to her teacher, and her teacher completely knew the correct approach for my daughter. Within a couple of weeks, my daughter's confidence was up and she sparked that want to learn that I always knew was there. She was given extra attention in reading and writing, and her teacher, Ms. Brandt personally called to me to praise my daughter's remarkable progress. She also suggested that my daughter attend an after school tutoring program "sports and tutoring" to take her learning even further. My daughter continues to amaze me. She loves her teacher, and her school...in fact she gets disappointed on Saturdays, because she doesn't have school. I totally recommend Sycamore Ele.

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April 15, 2013

Our family is VERY pleased with this school. Coming from Fort Worth ISD it is a breath of fresh air. I feel this school really sets the standard for learning. I couldn't say enough great things the school as a whole is very organized, safety procedures are good. I love how they keep the school very focused on learning and keep out outside distractions. I love the reward programs for encouraging the children to make good choices. From the moment I drop my child off I feel comforted that she is is GREAT hands. She has just soared since she started here. Thanks :)

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November 7, 2011

Coming from the Aledo school district we where a little apprehensive. Our boys had done well there and had good teachers. From their first day there teachers where excellent and a God send, thank you Ms. Brandt and Ms. Morgan for helping them. They where on the high honor roll and our oldest was recognized for his outstanding character as a 4th grader and out of 900 kids. Ms. Gore and Mr. Shepard run a tight ship. There is an anointing over this school and I Highly recommend this school and it's teachers, they are dedicated and it shows. Sincerely T.Collin Hampton-Kelley III

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August 14, 2009

Sycamore is wonderful! The teachers are very loving nd helping. Mrs Gore is a excellent principle. When she walks in a room she gets everyone's attention immediately. It is a wonderful site to see! I have two children who attend now, and one who has graduated to next school, they all have and are learning all they need to know and more. They make learning fun!

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October 24, 2008

Sycamore is great school. They have a great new staff who actually care about the students. My children are learning & enjoy learning. The students are pretty well behaved as well. Mrs Gore, the principle really has great control over this school!

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April 1, 2008

Academically I am well pleased, but we need a solution for the students who continuously cause problems and distract others from learning. My child has witnessed one of these hoodlums spitting, cursing, fighting, for 4 years now and he always returns to school after his suspension. Kudos to all the teachers and faculty, they do everything they can to educate, and shape the minds of our young ones. Thank you Sycamore!

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