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O A Peterson8

Fort Worth, TX | Tarrant County


May 7, 2014

O.A. Peterson has amazing staff. The teachers that I come across are hard working and dedicated. My child is a first grader and has attended since kindergarten. She loves going to school each day. I do wish that there was more PTA (parent) involvement. You see the same people doing the "work" for every function. I also wish the principal was more visible. The curriculum at Peterson is appropriate for my child's grade level but there are opportunities for her to receive additional extensions when necessary. I love the office staff. They are always welcoming and inviting. I am looking forward to a few years of stability as Peterson is on the 3rd principal in 6 years. That is hard for kids and the staff I am sure. I would recommend sending your student to Peterson Elementary school. I plan on sending all of my children there.

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January 19, 2013

My son attends this school, and we have been very impressed with the principal, staff, and PTA. Overall, there this has been a fantastic learning environment for my son! Having a child in the same grade at another school, we have noticed that overall what he is learning seems to be behind what our other child is learning so that is discouraging. The school itself is a 5 star school, but the level of academics definitely brings it down for us.

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January 18, 2013

Great school based on the level of involvement between the teachers, students, and parents. Overall the teachers take a pragmatic approach to preparing for the state mandated tests, meaning the teachers shape the concepts into useful and practical tools to real life situations as opposed to a regimented curriculum meant specifically to pass the tests. There is also a heavy emphasis, granted it is my perception, to developing good citizenship skills, or base building. Now, I do believe, as most parents, that morals and values should be taught at home, but there is certainly a vacuum in our society and this school means to fill that; good, bad, or indifferent they try to build an all around child vs. a pure academic (if that makes sense).

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October 2, 2012

As a parent, I have high expectations for the education that my children receive. Fifth grade teachers are phenomenal and we have received an unprecedented level of communication from both the office and teachers. We love that Peterson, as well as NWISD as a whole, encourages parental involvement and makes it as easy as breathing for me to monitor my kids' progress. The teachers genuinely take an interest in their students and go the extra mile to help them be successful. We have had experiences in multiple school districts, and I am of the opinion that this school is top-notch.

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May 16, 2012

My children have gone to the school since it opened and we have had very positive experiences at the school. My children love O. A. Peterson and we are very happy with our decision to choose Northwest ISD.

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April 5, 2012

My child has attended this school for four years. I am sad to report that in those four years the school has gone from excellent to below average. The teachers all seem burnt out with teaching already. Bad attitudes all around and yelling loudly at students. The school staff as a whole is unwilling to step up to the plate when an important issue arises. Instead of getting to the root of a problem and taking care of it, they would rather pacify the parent. We are do disappointed that we decided to build a home in NWISD because of the wonderful reviews, and this is the school my children go to. This school needs a complete school overhaul. Replace some staff and make it a more positive place to be.

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April 22, 2011

The campus is nice since it is a fairly new school. Haven't had a problem with the school until this year. 4th grade teachers only seem to care about taks testing and don't want to challenge the students. My child sees a lot of bullying and misbehaving that goes unchecked right in front of the teacher. My child comes home most days and tells me about how the teachers are always in a bad mood and yelling.

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October 10, 2010

This is a model school with model teachers and principal. Education is the "# 1" goal for the children.

June 3, 2010

I find this principal very disappointing. This school is always reactive instead of proactive. Calls to the principal aren't returned for days if ever. This isn't a horrible school but there is certainly room for growth. I expect better for my children.

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December 27, 2009

It all starts with the principal and Todd Rodgers is great. A real hands-on person who is very active in what is going on in the classroom. I have not met a bad teacher in the past two years my son has attended.

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