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Independence Elementary School8

Keller, TX | Tarrant County


February 18, 2015

My son is in Kindergarten here and we have had a wonderful experience. The Principal and assistant principal communicate clearly schools news, upcoming events and programs and are always there with a welcoming smile. My son's teacher (Mrs Trautman) is excellent, she's hard working and manages the workload and class really well. I couldn't wish for a better teacher and my son loves her. She has instilled in my him a real love of learning and a yearning for knowledge in a safe learning environment, what more could you ask for!

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August 4, 2014

INDEPENDENCE:My 2 children returned last year and it was 200% better than the previous years. I actually withdrew my children under the previous principal and really have enjoyed the empact Mr. Basham has made on the entire school. He is a lot more strick, in ways : no end of school party or farewell to retiring teachers , removed monkey bars- too dangerous? May have been a school district thing? He has created an atmosphere of uniting together with the parents, teachers and students a community of OUR students and OUR responsiblitiy to help and look after each other. He keeps paper to a minimum and I enjoy not getting millions of extra fliers from various organziations that may not be of interest: but we always have access: on-line links, or at the front office. ;) Teachers adapt to change and some like this new principal and get along well, others are ok, others don't like how strick he's come down: like not having younger siblings help during a school volunteer situation: library, volunteering in the class or even if you are going on a field trip you cannot bring siblings or you can only watch your child... this MAY be a district guideline, but it has ruffled a lot of people.

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September 16, 2013

Blue bonnet Elementary: this is my son, second year. He loves this school and so do I. The principal is always present and accessible. His teacher is amazing. It's only about a month into the school year and his reading has improved immensely.

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May 16, 2013

WORS SCHOOL EVER! this school was a nightmare. Starting from simple thing - no one says hello! Our teacher were to busy with her 4 kids and her own life, not even to mention that she pointed that if we will see any misspellings in her emails, just to take it as is since she's a bad speller. All info we got or day before or morning at the day of the event. To many excuses from principal assistant and in the end to hard to get conference with the principal it self, unless you go strait to KISD.After all spending 2 h getting to no point got pointed to my face about differences in the culture by the principal(I'm from Europe)and that everything will be ok, on the next day I get official letter that my son uncontrollable after he got concussion at the school (about which one I never got strait story) I spend month and a half coming to school 2 time a day to make sure that my son not will get hurt or left somewhere how they did once and horrifying how irresponsible and disrespectful IES it is to parents and students. We spend just 2 months in this school and got transferred after all. just be careful and make sure you don't ask too many questions as I did to get your child in a trouble.

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April 25, 2012

Independence Elementary is an AMAZING school! The principal and office staff are very friendly and helpful. The teachers are amazing and care deeply for their students. As a parent, I HIGHLY recommend IES!!!

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May 9, 2011

Independence is a Great School because it has dedicated, caring teachers that are willing to do what it takes to support student success. There are after school activities provided by teachers volunteering their time. Music Zvakanaka, theater club, PE Moving Mavericks, Art Club, several book clubs for different ages and interests, and much more.

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March 24, 2011

This is our daughter's first year here as a second grade student and we are so dissapointed in this school. The principal hides behind her computer and sends out emails instead of getting involved with the kids and parents at school functions. When I did see her at one of the MANY fundraising functions, I had no idea who she was until she came on stage to lecture the children about throwing trash away! (I had to ask someone who she was)Not even an introduction or a comment about the great support the school was getting from all the students and parents attending. Since that time, I have seen her in the school hall or office and she never speaks or makes eye contact with anyone. Every parent I have talked to about her expresses how uninvolved and cold she is. How is it possible that she remains a principal at an elementary school? The teachers are for the most part new teachers and it shows in their teaching skills. Once this year is over, we certainly will not all our daughter to return....even if it means moving out of the district.

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March 21, 2011

Re: all the comments w/low ratings--I would suggest that those parents need to get involved. I was frustrated with how things were going (not so much with our school but with KISD policies in general) and chose to become more involved w/IES and the PTA. I work full time outside of the home--as do the majority of the parents that are on the Exec. Board--so please don't use that as an excuse for your lack of participation. We all do what we can! I can tell you once you get more involved--you will see all the great things that go on day-in-day-out at Independence.

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February 6, 2011

We were upset to hear about the armed person seen near Woodland Springs on TUESDAY. We were more upset that the principal did not inform us about this until FRIDAY. We learned about the incident because a friend called us and let us know. Principal seems unorganized in the way that she sends out information. It is February and she still can't get the morning drop off routine correct.

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December 14, 2010

GREAT teachers individually; however, LACK of teamwork and UNsatisfactory staff support here. My 2 children have been students for 2 years plus I substitute. SHOCKED by the lack of support between principal, vice principal, PTA and teachers. Curriculum is disappointing and NOT consistent with other KISD schools. They do not follow protocol with 504 plans and this schools needs an overhaul not rezoning. PARENTS get involved !

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August 13, 2010

This school definitely has some issues. Would not recommend sending your kids there. The principal is unfit for...just about anything associated with being a principal in what should be a nice public school learning environment.

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June 27, 2010

This school has only been open 4 years and each year has been a struggle for us. The first year had an awesome group of volunteers and PTA leadership, but lacked any support from the principal. For the next 3 years she plagued the school with her overbearing and parent unfriendly attiitude. We lost great staff and teachers due to her leadership. The 1st year PTA walked away after their first year because she was a nightmare. The second year a new PTA was more focused on providing furniture and gifts for the teachers than the students so them along with the principal drove many aways. The 4th year and current year a new principal was hired, but she is just as parent unfriendly. We also got a new PTA, what a joke they were. They were only concerned with their self-importance and ran volunteers and parents away more.

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June 5, 2010

Teachers are great! ART, music, Pe, library are the best! Principle, lacks ability to deal with dicipline. Does not seem to support , staff,students, volunteers or PTA! Not present at many events. We chose a different school under this administrations leadership.

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June 4, 2010

This school is incredible! My child excelled there socially and academically. I would recommend this school to any family moving to the Keller ISD area.

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August 26, 2009

Teachers ok to some degree yet the curriculum is a joke and not keeping up with other KISD schools in the area such as homework assignments, ect. Principal is new and not very social. Not visual present at Meet the Teacher ect. This school really really needs some intervention and yes they do not do well with special education students.

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