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Bette Perot Elementary School10

Keller, TX | Tarrant County


November 30, 2013

Excellent staff. Great environment for students to learn. Awesome teachers. Great asset for our community. Exemplary school rating.

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November 11, 2013

Horrible communication, leadership and staff assistance for the Special Education classes. We chose to transfer and couldn't be more pleased!

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July 12, 2012

We moved to Fort Worth/Keller in the summer of 2011 and our daughter started kindergarten at Bette Perot in the fall. We LOVE this school! I agree with the previous review...there is a HUGE amount of parental involvement at BPES, which is great. The Watch Dog program for dads has been implemented at lots of schools (at least in the Keller ISD), not just BPES. As previous post says, it is a terrific program. BPES generally has a dad on campus as a Watch Dog every day...their calendar fills up quickly. My husband has had the opportunity to do it 3 times last year and having had a "behind the scenes" look at what goes on at BPES, he is extremely impressed with the teachers and level of education our daughter has received. We researched many elementary schools and toured 4 in the Keller ISD and 1 in Mansfield when deciding which school zone to attempt to buy a house in. We are very thankful we chose BPES and were able to buy a house in Heritage. Great neighborhood, GREAT school!

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June 21, 2011

Clean, safe school in a great neighborhood. Very high turn out when there are events that need parent participation. There is even a club for dads called the Watch Dogs because there are so many fathers that volunteer to help at school. Great PE, Art, Library and Music program. Excellent curriculum. The cafeteria offers 5 menu choices each day that cater to children who might be vegan or vegetarian. There are a lot of events offered after school that encourage parent participation which makes up for the fact that only certain parents are allowed to help in the class while there is a rule that says parents can't help in the class at all to avoid children becoming distracted. While the teahers and office staff are wonderful the women who run the smaller parking lot on the north side of the school need a huge attitude adjustment. Out of all the schools though that my children have attended this is the best public school and despite the economic down turn I have fought to keep my home so that my children can continue to go to this school.

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June 3, 2011

The teaching staff and their counterparts in the administration office at Bette Perot are a prime example of how public schools can provide a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore their interests and improve on their talents. We have witnessed growth in both the ability and talent of our child. Our child is an avid reader, loves to perform experiments (both in school and at home) and has continued his involvement live music. We believe that part of his ability to perform in public is attributable to the supportive nature of the staff at Bette Perot Elementary In addition to their contributions to our child s confidence level, the academic ability of our child has continued to grow. In fact, our child had a perfect score in one category scored 98.5% in the remaining categories of this years TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test. We feel this school is preparing our child for successful academic and professional career and is instilling a greater sense of community pride and support in all of the children that attend Bette Perot Elementary.

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September 28, 2010

I have 2 children that attend BPES now. One is in 4th grade & has been there since Kind. Our principal is OUTSTANDING! He literally knows every childs name. He even knows the parents names. The office staff, nurse, librarian, and all of the teachers are remarkable. We do not have anything negative to say. BPES is an amazing place for a child to attend elementary school. Heritage is an amazing place to raise your children. We are so thankful to be part of this elementary school and Keller ISD!

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August 26, 2010

LOVE this school! I have a 3rd grader and a Kinder. All the teachers are great, we have yet to get a bad one. The admin. looks at all the kids inividually and places them with teachers accordingly. The principal knows EVERY kid by name and they love him!

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June 30, 2010

I have had one child already go through and one child currenlty enrolled in Second grade. I can honestly tell you the staff and the learning curriculum are spectacular. I am glad that we made the decision to move into the Keller School District.

June 4, 2010

My family moved into the Keller ISD in 2007. Our child was entering the 1st grade at the time. Our decision to relocate to a home in the Keller ISD was partially related to what we had read regarding the school district and its state ranking in educational standards. The teaching and administration staff at Bette Perot Elementary is truly passionate about education and our child has had several rewarding experiences since joining the school. Our child has been encouraged to participate in numerous school events and has had a wonderful time. We have witnessed growth in both the ability and talent of our child. Our child is an avid reader and loves to perform experiments (both in school and at home). Bette Perot is a prime example of how public schools can provide a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore their interests.

April 2, 2010

This is the first year my daughter is attending this school and I must say coming from a private school I don't think she is learning like she did at the private school. I don't think the teachers communicate well with the parents. Even after having a teacher/parent conference I still left feeling like what now. My daughter likes the school but the communication is horrible. We entered this year feeling really lost so hoepfully next year will be better.

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April 3, 2009

We have just begun our realtionship with this school, and have been nothing but impressed thus far. We have been at a private school for several years. However, the excellence that this school offers in both an academic and social environment could no longer be overlooked. Every (I'm not kidding) every admin. staff person, and every teacher has been nothing but open, kind, helpful, and welcoming. Their programs are truly unique and allow the children to excel in their own ways. Their art department is outstanding, as well as their music dept. They have a wonderful reading program, that is maintained buy a fabulous librarian and volunteers. Each teacher's personality shines in their rooms and ways of instruction, while adhering to the many rules of the state. Your child and family would be truly blessed to be able to attend this school.

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January 24, 2009

I had 2 of my children here and I was very pleased with the experience overall. I found the principal to be very caring and involved. My daughter with speech problems was very quickly evaluated and placed in speech therapy. I found that the teachers were very available to meet with you when concerns were brought to their attention. I found the curriculm good and prepared my children well. I think the Kindergarten program needs to be all day to be truly benificial to the kids, but that is not the fault of the teachers. I think they were wonderful and did the best they could with the limited time they had. I think the large classes make it too difficult for the teachers to give any one on one attention, but again, not their fault. Great school!

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October 15, 2008

I have had 2 children go through this school. A couple of years ago, the parent reviews we listed in 2006 I found to be my experience. There was a principal change and I have seen some improvements.They are still more focused on passing the TAKS than kids learning skills & info. There are some good teachers there, but you have to be prepared to spend time there to make sure your child gets the attention they need.Classes are large, kindergarden is still 1/2 day and didn't prepared either of my children for 1st grade. If your child has any challenge, be prepared to fight the school or pay for outside testing or tutoring. When my child got to Intermediate School, the experience was completely different. Same focus on passing the TAKS, but support & actions that made a difference. BPE still has work to do.

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December 3, 2006

As a teacher at this school, I can guarantee you that the students come first. We spend time at nights and on the weekends planning quality instruction for our students. If there are any questions or concerns about a student or teacher, I highly recommend coming in and sharing your concerns. We all work together to provide a quality education for our students.

Submitted by a teacher

May 8, 2006

The teachers are good, but the classes are somewhat overcrowded. Too much emphasis is placed on the TAKS test. The principal is quite abrasive, doesnt seem to be there for the kids, and seems to be against the parents.

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