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Boles Middle School8

Quinlan, TX | Hunt County


March 26, 2015

My son, previously a straight A student in Forney ISD, has had nothing but problems since we got here. We moved him here late in the year his 4th grade year and his teacher was the most rude teacher I've ever met. She publicly called out students when they failed tests and she had my son in tears at least once/week. He is now in 6 grade and one specific teacher sends home homework that has multiple misspelled words (not typos because they are misspelled on more than one page) about 85% of the time. She also gives them homework and/or shows videos instead of teaching them herself. She also makes it painfully obvious she hates her job and/kids in general. Plus side....he does have 2 teachers that are really awesome teachers. They genuinely care about the students and it shows in their teaching methods. (Thank goodness for them!)

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April 30, 2009

this school needs to loosen up on the kids there too strict!!!!!

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September 19, 2006

Boles has a high degree of integrity and leadership. They expect and welcome a lot of involvement of the parents. They are strict disciplinarians, as they should be. The kids do not get much past the teachers and the staff. Some of the teachers are not teaching in their specialized subject and that bothers me. The problem encountered with this is that a student might have the same teachers for three to four years, just rotated. For example, at this school, middle school begins with 5th grade. Your child might have Mrs. Smith for homeroom and English in 5th, Ms. Jones for math, Ms. Peach for science. Well, for 6th grade, he might have Ms. Peach for homeroom and science, Ms. Jones for math, etc. If he has a problem with his math teacher, can't learn from her, he will still have her for math the next year and the next.

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