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T E Baxter Elementary School8

Midlothian, TX | Ellis County


July 30, 2013

I would definitely rate this school a10!!!! All the staff have smiles on their faces, are happy to be there and treat the children with love and kindness! When you walk through the door immediately you are greeted by the sweet staff. The principal is kind, sweet and caring and in all the years my 4 children have been there we haven't had a teacher we haven't loved!

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April 8, 2011

This school should be at a 10 in my opinion. The principal and staff are all consistent in their approach to a well-rounded education for the kids. There is plenty of communication going from teachers to parents. The staff here tells the students they attend the BEST school in Midlothian and the kids really believe it. It's a very positive atmosphere. My children are in K and 1st and each teacher is available by email throughout the day. The PTO does a great job of putting together events/carnivals and the parents are pretty involved overall. I don't hesitate to address any issues with the Assistant Principal and I know it will be addressed timely.

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March 10, 2009

God blessed me with two very different boys; one is in the gifted program and one has special needs. What I love about Baxter is how the staff works to make sure they are both successful. I know that I can not give these boys what they need on my own and Baxter is the 'village' that is helping me to raise they boys!

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March 9, 2009

I have one student currently at Baxter and one that has moved on to middle school. We love the teachers and administrators at this wonderful school. The atmosphere is friendly and caring from the time you walk in the door. Big thanks to everyone who makes Baxter such a great school!

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February 23, 2009

Our son has a disability. He is very capable of learning. It is sad to see how backwards Midlothian isd really is. We have experienced un-professional leadership from a school principal, administration, teachers, as a whole this district is unable to support the needs of my child. I want families to be aware of our experience and research to ensure your child's needs can in fact be met. What SOUNDS good is not at all what is praticed or implemented.

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December 19, 2007

This is a wonderful neighborhood school Our student has received support and encouragement from the teachers, parents, and administrators. We have been at Baxter for 3 years now. The leadership at this school is positive, supportive, and this creates a warm and friendly environment.

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August 2, 2006

The principals, teachers and all the people who work here are wonderful. I am suprised by the scores. My kids use to go to Longbranch and I like Baxter better. Maybe scores are not everything. My kids received commended performance on everything.

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August 17, 2005

Great neighborhood school. wonderful teachers, parents & students.

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May 23, 2005

I have been very happy with my children's academics at TE Baxter. My son has gotten commended performance on three TAKS tests now (missing one or less) and my daugher who is in first grade has a grade equivalency of six grade, third month in her reading/comprehension! I was shocked and proud.

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April 6, 2005

Great parent involvement, but the test scores are low. The school is in a neighborhood that is on the decline. It worries me that my son is going to this school (lowest scores in the district) so we are buying a new home to get out.

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March 13, 2005

Baxter Elementary is a great school mostly because of the principal, Cherie Wagoner. She is truly there to help the kids LEARN. I would definitely live in the area that she is principal. Her positive attitude is a boost to the kids as well as the teachers. The school has a wonderful music program offering choir and orfestra (kids playing simple instruments). They have a very active student council sponsored by Mrs. Curry, the counselor. Baxter has the RISE & STARS program which helps students with reading. This is a Title I funded program that has assisted many students that struggle to read but don't struggle enough to qualify them for Resource classes. I cannot say enough about this staff at Baxter Elementary. They love their kids!

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July 30, 2003

T.E. Baxter is a wonderful campus! My child is currently in her second year in the mixed-age program there. Every teacher I have had a chance to meet and talk with is committed to given these children the best education possible. We moved from an apartment to our first home, which is four blocks from the school, in the middle of our daughter's kindergarten year. She did take a little time to adjust, but the teachers there made it so much easier. They would talk to her, comfort her, and really made her feel like she belonged right away. The teachers there also are very intent on open parent/teacher communication. Anytime we have a question or concern, we call the school and the teachers have been more than happy to set up an appointment for us to sit down and chat. I can't think of a better elementary school for my child to be in. She is in the healthiest, safest environment I can imagine for her.

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