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Stark Elementary School9

Farmers Branch, TX | Dallas County


October 21, 2014

there is no possibility of me rating this school it's a garbage school do not send your children to the school teachers don't really care the principal is zero will never give you ur rights and forget about the people that direct traffic they have disgusting manners and think they are in the military...so one of the personnel that work there with short white hair and older lady who took a child roughly by the arm because he was late brought my child to school one day and the secretary told me if your child is going to be late you cannot bring him to school at all that day...remember upon entering the school you have absolutely no voice and no rights

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September 19, 2014

Great school with great teachers...the dual language program is the best in the State! So glad it is in my neighborhood!

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August 18, 2014

We chose Stark over our home school. We have children in 3rd and 1st, both in the dual program. To enter dual, you need to "apply" in the Spring before kinder, take an exam in native language and there are limited spots. Call in Dec. to get on the list to be notified when testing starts. Entrance requirements may be different for native Spanish speakers or kids who have been in a dual program elsewhere. Like any dual program, there will be a gap in learning initially but all of the research shows that dual students surpass their monolingual peers if they stick with it. Read the Thomas&Collier research yourself and you will see the benefits to your child beyond simply knowing a second language. We look at it as a "gifted and talented" program for our children although it is not called that. Dual does not exclude participation in the GT program, but our experience is that the GT program "ACE" is limited. PTA is very active, always looking for more volunteers, and offers lots of school events. Communication between the administration and the parents could be improved, but I have always felt heard. We have been happy with our teachers and some have been truly outstanding. Libby Ramirez

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July 23, 2014

I have seen the latest post written about Janie stark, in the last third of the summer- when school hasn't even begun yet. And it leads me to wonder where this random anger is from. And I have to dismiss it. Considering it is two months late. And my children have never been happier with their teachers and subjects. My children are four and seven. And can't be more excited to dive into the Janie stark curriculum. Mind you, people only comment when upset and I have only see one comment. Out of date.. And frankly, out of mind. Janie stark loves my children and my children love Janie stark. And that's all I could ask for, -Elizabeth Martinez

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July 17, 2014

My child has been at Stark since Pre-K and will be going into 1st grade. It was a horrible Kinder year. Three different 1st grade teachers, almost no homework, bullying that was unattended to by the teacher or principal. This school only cares if your child is in the Dual Program. If your child is not in that program, you can pretty much forget it. And it almost seems like it's a top secret society of how you can even get your child involved in it! The teacher even sent home a wish list for Christmas! Really? The library lost books returned and tried to make me pay for them more than once when I know they were returned. My child had pink eye almost the entire year. (She hasn't had it all summer!) I paid for a required T-shirt for a musical and never received it even though my child was sent home a letter saying her participation would effect her grade she received. This school is a joke.

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February 20, 2014

Great school atmosphere with hard working teachers and involved parents. There are many activities and events to keep the students excited about learning.

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January 15, 2014

Janie Stark is an excellent neighborhood school that draws students from all over the district for its Dual Language Program where students are taught in a 50/50 immersion program. The leading dual language experts in the nation visit our school to review its methods and results. We have two children at this school and love the teachers. I don't agree with the negative comments (that are full of grammatical errors) on this site.

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January 8, 2014

The teachers are very hands off and allow the children to fail by not pushing or following up with the children individually if assignments are not turned in. I miss the days when the teachers actually cared about the childs success and not being happy playing the role.

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January 6, 2014

Also, When I called Janie Stark to let the Principal know what they discovered, she just said, "I did not know they could test for that." And this is the Principle of an early educational institution. Would you trust your child's educations with them?

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October 2, 2013

I am very disappointed with this school. My son started his first year of school this year and went in with a very positive attitude ready to learn and make friends. First week of school went great but after that he didn't want to go anymore, he would cry every morning begging me not to take him. I then found out, by him, that his teacher told him," If you don't want to come to school then don't come anymore!" It is completely inappropriate to talk to any pre-k student or any student that way. I feel like if she told him this, it makes me wonder what else has she told him or the rest of the kids. If she doesn't want to teach or have the patience for 4-5 year olds then she should not be a teacher. Another time after I dropped him off, I noticed a couple of students were late to school and the teacher at the front door grabbed them and roughly walked then to the office. They don't respect the kids but demand they respect them. This is behavior that I have noticed since day 1 and I can't wait until the school year is over to transfer my kid somewhere else where my son gets the respect he deserves and is treated the right way.

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September 29, 2013

I really cannot say enough good things about this school. My son started kindergarten last year in the Dual Language Program and I have been consistently impressed. He was a transfer to Stark, his home school is excellent but does not have the program, so it was a big decision to have him attend here. The teachers have very high standards and the school works to create a partnership with parents. There are lots of fun activities throughout the year and I have enjoyed a pleasant relationship with the teachers and staff. I can be a bit critical but I have to say this school runs like a well-oiled machine.

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May 28, 2013

Stark has been a wonderful school to start our education journey with. Our kindergartener has blossomed in way we didn't see coming. He is in the dual language program at Stark and has learned a lot in English and Spanish. He has made great friends, and loves all of his teachers. As a parent, I have been able to be very involved. There has been great communication from the school and the office is always helpful in answering the "rookie" questions a kinder parent has. The PTA and the school work well together to offer a good variety of programs for the parents and children to attend together - family nights, sock hop, science nights, etc. We are excited to be Stark Stallions!

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April 18, 2013

Great school the teachers really give the best gotta say the dual program they have is great ....there is one person thats been so rude and it bothers me because shes the one person that should make us feel welcome there , talking about the principal...she is just so careless about the kids they are the secund parents of our bbs they spend big time of day there so she should be more compassioned and more human instead of just been there for the job...one day i noticed bruces on my kid he told me he was being bulied in the bus. i went and talked to the "principal" and her said "":well u should talk to the bus driver there is nothing i can do...then i said but ms there is a diferent bus driver every day for the past 3weeks , so she said well make sure u let know to all of them ..Another insident was when it was very cold so i put on a vest to my child to keep him warm but it had red stripes not solid color so i though it was okay shouldnt be a problem ...well as soon as we walked into the office she said"" ms. Pls take the vest off that is not part of the uniform ;well i did but the next day my son was sick ..she cared more about the policy than my kids health..living next year...

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April 15, 2013

Although the dual language program helped my child become quite versed in Spanish, the grammar and reading deficit became VERY apparent once she entered 6th grade

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April 14, 2013

We drive 6 miles past the brand new elementary school in our neighborhood to take our children to Janie Stark because we believe in the power of the dual language program. Our children are becoming fluent in Spanish as well as their native English, but most importantly, are learning language skills at a time when this really affects their cognitive development. The teachers, administrators and district seem very committed to this program. We also were so pleased to find a community of involved, committed parents also wanting the best education for their children. Take a look at Janie Stark... and look beyond the front curb or socioeconomic stats... they are really doing some amazing work! Come to a community event and learn more about this great public school. Its truly a shining star in CFBISD.

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